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A hearty wholegrain welcome to all of you, busy restaurateurs and caterers, market and deli owners out there! Big Sky Bakery features over 100 varieties of bread and bread products and has the right bread for your customers:

Boston Magazine Bread Winner for 2009 - Big Sky Bread Company's Old-Fashioned White Bread

Old-Fashioned White

A luxurious, but practical sandwich-wide loaf. Attractive bread slices, with rounded-off corners. This is our Boston Magazine® Bread Winner for 2008. Top-notch flour used for just the right combination of softness and chewiness. Holds up great even with chicken salad or the like. Country club quality. Storage tight? Must freeze? Kick up your sandwich taste and feel with fresh-baked daily delivery. (Multiple slice thicknesses available.)

Three-Seed Whole Wheat

Our hands-down best-seller. The sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds give this whole wheat winner an incredibly satisfying texture. Available in our 2.5-lb sandwich-wide, regular crown-top Pullman, 1-lb loaves and in dinner rolls. Turn up the flavor with this tried-and-true crowd-pleaser. Sturdy loaf, won't get soggy. (Slices thickness: ½-inch, ¾-inch, 5/8-inch available.)
Our classic and ever-so-pleasing version of the Pumpernickel

Pumpernickel by Big Sky

One delicious mouthful after another. Our perfectly satisfying pumpernickel bread that's hearty with just the right touch of sweetness, is indescribable with lox and cream cheese, capers & dill. Then there is the fascinating flavor combination of a Reuben Sandwich. Amaze your customers with a double-decker Reuben and see them come back for more. The trick to keeping everything together is, sauté the thinly sliced corned beef together with the drained sauerkraut and caraway seeds, several grinds of black pepper, adding the Swiss cheese at the very end. Comes in: wide sandwich loaf, regular Pullman, dinner rolls, etc.

Country Wheat

A whole wheat favorite that rises enough to create a perfectly rounded sandwich-wide slice. Serve up a healthy sandwich by piling succulent turkey and gravy, some greens and delicious cranberry jelly. Simply irresistible, fantastic and consistent. Will not disappoint.

Caraway Sauerkraut Light Rye

In the mood for something Eastern European or New York-style? Doesn't get any better than our sandwich-wide light rye loaf. Can you think of anything more heavenly than hot pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss and whole grain mustard on this beauty of a bread? The indulgent, nicely rounded slices hold up great but not too dense, though. They'll savor every bite.

English Muffin Bread

This versatile sandwich favorite is so… well, English-muffin-y… Unbeatable for toasting or grilling panini-style. Pleasing in texture, lightly sweetened, ready to take on crispy bacon or ham, fluffy egg with avocado that's just ripe enough. To be enjoyed with Earl Grey lavender tea. Also available in English Muffin Cranberry that goes superbly well with those softer cream cheese spreads.

Marble Rye

Be really excited for this one. They will constantly crave your Reubens on our mesmerizingly swirly sandwich-wide marble rye. Guaranteed to surpass those finicky expectations. Serve with a side of fruit—strawberries and diced apples. Once they try it, they'll get it again and again. Oh, and don't forget the pickle! Hand-swirled to perfection and seriously good.

Light Cracked Oat Bread

An exciting good all-around sandwich bread, always ready to partner with virtually any meat as well as non-meat sandwich filling. Absolutely the best with turkey salad. You came up with the perfect sandwich filling; order this bread to recreate your turkey salad sandwich and make it a favorite on everybody's list.

Multigrain Bread

Filled with healthy goodness, this is a Big Sky classic. Sandwiching roast beef, this outstanding bread tastes better than anything you can find anywhere. For those vegetarian souls, try crispy seitan, lettuce and tomato sandwich on our golden master version which can add interest, hearty flavor and satisfying texture. Or try serving alongside a steaming bowl of soup. Loaf sizes: sandwich-wide (2.5 lbs), crown-top regular (35 oz), 16-oz loaf, dinner rolls.

Cheddar Buns

For mighty taste, try serving mini-burger sliders on our delightful cheddar buns. Serve with your customers' favorite burger accompaniments. Inter-swirled with generous streaks of flavorful cheddar, our bun makes for a great-looking healthified morning sandwich.

Honey Oat Bran Whole Wheat

A disclaimer: this sandwich bread is some of our wholesale customers' absolute favorite. Deliciously satisfying, this humble loaf can totally make a sandwich. Eminently combinable with most fillings, this rolled oat sprinkled crown delights the palate and the senses. A truly exceptional creation baked fresh for your customer to enjoy. Go ahead—take all the credit.

Cinnamon Swirl

Your customers will be most agreeably surprised at every turn of the cinnamon swirls inside this decadent round loaf. This lovely, masterfully crafted bread is the feel-good favorite the customers will appreciate toasted with cream cheese or as unexpected French toast. Also baked in square crown-top loaves. They will savor each bite and ask for more.

Peasant French

Our sourdough round or sandwich-wide loaf definitely makes the list. You must must must try serving your tried-and-true sandwiches on this reliable breadlover's favorite to raise them to a whole new level. Clean, alluring and unmistakably sourdough aroma will work wonders to make the sandwich a memorable experience.

Big Sky Fruit Bread

It's love at first slice. This weighty, self-confident loaf is exceptional and will leave them wanting more. Once they try it, they'll be hooked on the finest ingredients and the generous chunks fruit within. Reward your customers with a thick slab of our Peach Cobbler fruit bread with your best coffee, or else the Blueberry Cobbler or Cranberry Walnut. Yummers!


If you're looking to save freezer space; if freshness and reliability of bread service is what you're looking for—look no further. Call 617-332-4445 today to speak with Sofia or Aleksey about switching to Big Sky Bakery for all or some of your bread service. We'll take good care of you. You can start delivery right away.

Indicate which breads above is of interest to you, and we'll set up a quick visit with the samples. Email Sofia to request a presentation today! From Baker's Best in Newton Highlands, MA right in our own neighborhood to Paradise Bakery & Cafe in the Prudential Mall, we pride ourselves on serving the best caterers in the area. It's easy to switch: give us a call today at 617-332-4445 or send us an email.

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Big Sky Bakery is the bread supplier of choice to some of the best delicatessens in the area. For years we've been providing reliable panini-style sandwich bread to such outstanding delis as Cafe Kushco. You will enjoy top-notch quality and delivery service you can count on. We absolutely guarantee the freshness of our products. Contact us today: 617-332-4445 or by email.

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Give us a call to find out about the many premium quality breads, bulkie rolls or dinner rolls you can be serving at your establishment: 617-332-4445.

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